Our Solution

  • We conducted multimedia consultation sessions with Cedarcide’s marketing team to create a unique plan of action tailored to their situation.
  • We created a company overview video that told Cedarcide’s story in a creative way and highlighted company culture and the uniqueness of products.
  • We designed a 3 month program in which we created How-To videos for specific products.
  • We created a vimeo channel to centrally host all of their video content.

The Results

  • Cedarcide was delivered 6 high quality videos over a 5 month span.
  • The content was published on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.
  • On FaceBook alone Aume’s video content for Cedarcide helped increase user interaction by 80% and increased view count by over 400%; when comparde to Cedarcide’s previous in-house video content.

CedarCide Case Study

Cedarcide is an organic pesticide company; while rebranding their image, Cedarcide needed a creative way to highlight what they offered and how they differed from competitors. Also, their FAQ page had been unsuccessful, as a result, they were experiencing an abundance of customers phoning in confused about how to properly utilize Cedarcide’s products.

Corporate Video