Multimedia Consulting

Developing creative and unique marketing strategies.

AUME Motion Arts provides professional Multimedia Consulting services which go beyond the initial creation of original media content.
These services focus on the implementation of the content created by our media team and how to effectively utilize the power of media to maximize customer exposure, engagement and retention.

What is Multimedia Consulting?

Multimedia Consulting is the enhancement of one’s brand identity through media content creation, publishing, and marketing. Multimedia is more than using technology to create content, it is the difference between success and failure in today’s media driven world. With AMA multimedia consulting, we will devise models and campaigns through the use of our core competencies, video production, graphic design, photography, marketing, and social media management, to build a company's brand and increase ROl. The services offered ensure a strong company brand image and aim to ease the job of business owners by removing the burden that is brand development and promotion.


AUME Motion Arts is comprised of skilled collegiately trained individuals who have over 15 combined years of video production experience as well as competencies in photography, motion graphics, web development, graphic design and more. Today's digital market society demands marketing professionals that can understand and relate to consumer audiences in order to develop creative and unique marketing strategies.

Video Production
Motion Graphics
Logo Development
Social Media Management
Presentation Design